truly outrageous

So, I’m hanging out with A2C and she shows me her recent purchase. It’s a new t-shirt with “Jem – truly outrageous” on it. How cool is that? It reminds me of when I was a kid and used to stay home from church on Sundays to watch Robotix, Transformers, Jem, and then a string of other cartoons. She’s the coolest!


It’s not always apparent the differences between LCDs and CRTs. In the development of the web site, I came upon the big one: contrast. If you’re viewing this on an LCD, you’ll note the bright green grid and the light green images behind the text on this page. However, on a CRT, you’ll barely see either. I can’t find a good medium, and both are almost equally unacceptable 🙁

thinning at the belt

Well, it’s beginning to pay off. I’ve decided it was time to start losing some of the mass in my middle-regions. My pants were getting pretty tight, and being cheap, I didn’t want to buy new pants. Anyway, I also need to get in shape, but first things first. So I started a quasi-diet. I decided I’d try the “more frequent but smaller meals each day” approach that I hear is supposed to help cut down binging. After about 2 weeks of having a cereal bar for breakfast, dried fruit and nuts around 10-ish, and a sandwich and fruit for lunch, and yogurt at 4, I seem to have a little more room at the belt. Yay, self-control!

new toys

I just ordered my new firewall. It’s a Soekris Engineering net4801. It’s got 3 10/100 ethernet ports, and runs a 266-MHz Pentium ® class CPU. It has 128MB of SDRAM, and a compact flash reader. I got a 512MB CF card from for $50! The best part is that it runs OpenBSD. Once I get this puppy up and running, I’ll post more about it.

the joy of web standards

So, I’m putting together my blog. I’m using WordPress, which claims to be a standards-compliant weblog. I’m learning that it is. This makes my life a lot easier. Rather than trying to wrestle with moving a table-based layout to my own layout, I merely have to reorder and rename elements in the provided template. Then, I can apply my pre-existing stylesheets to it. What’s left after that is to work out the bugs. This is sooooo much easier than switching from a table layout!

a geek rhyme…

how many sums could a checksum check
if a checksum could check sums?
It would check as much as a checksum could check
if a checksum could check sums.