Random City Stuff…

I’ve been working downtown for a few months now. I’m trying to take advantage of that fact and snap photos of interesting/weird/silly things I see here. I’m usually using the craptacular camera in my phone, the horrendously named “KRAZR”. Anyway, here are some shots of things I’ve found recently…

’nuff said.

Mamoun’s has the best falafel I’ve ever had. Not that I’m some kind of falafel connoisseur, but I do like falafel, and Mamoun’s delivers. $2.50 for a pita, $5 for a plate. Awesome! This one is on St. Marks between 2nd & 3rd.

I went here with G$ the other week, and returned the week after with my boss. Great burgers. They’ll stop your heart. This is on 2nd Ave, right around the corner from Mamoun’s