if i had a dime…

So, I was at a wedding about a month ago, and got some schmutz all over my laptop bag. I finally got around to giving the bag a good wash this evening. As I was emptying my bag, I noticed that I was holding in my hand….

my green iPod mini

I’m pretty happy that I found it, but I’m confused that I didn’t find it earlier. I must’ve looked in this bag at least a dozen times, specifically for my iPod. Well, I’m not complaining.


5 Replies to “if i had a dime…”

  1. Like I said, I find it more than coicidental that Greenie showed up so immediately after your “ode to Greenie” in the previous post. I am certain Greenie really wanted to hear you say how much he was missed. LOL!

  2. @cafn8: yeah, it’s a good thing alright. Also a good thing I found it before I broke down and bought another iPod.

    @Tony: I think I’m going to have to have a long talk with greenie about an attitude adjustment.

  3. As a follow up, Wolfsbrg73 washed my pants this weekend with my bluetooth headset in the pocket. I let it dry overnight, charged it, and haven’t had a single problem with it yet. I would guess that an iPod is a little more sensitive, though, in case you’re getting any ideas.

  4. aw, i’m so glad you found it!!! that was a super sweet post/tribute to greenie. i still use my mini all the time too – maybe it escaped planned obsolescence 😉

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