Jitter-Free, my butt…

So wiredgeek tried some inkos tea and liked it. So, he called the company and said, “hey, I’m organizing a tech conference, could you provide some free drinks?”

They sent 8 cases of the stuff. Now it claims to be “jitter-free”, suggesting that the caffeine content is low enough that it does not induce the near nausea experience that other energy drinks do. After all, it’s white tea. White tea is all the rage these days.

I stand here as a testament that inkos tea is indeed NOT “jitter-free”. Several other fellow geeks at the conference and I concurred that, in fact, after about a half-can of the stuff we were wired up and ready to bounce off the walls.

Of course, my solution to this was to finish the first can and move directly to a second. I drank the first can around noon or so, and the second can wore off around 4AM. Oy, vey.

This could all be explained by my very low tolerance for caffeine, but I suspect it has less to do with it than one might think.