you never see Eden and Batman in the same room at the same time…

Of course, she’s only 2 days old, so that’s not saying much. Yes, this is a shameless plug to show off the baby 🙂

what a cute profile!

She kinda looks like a Peanuts © character, no?

kimchi is too hot!

What is daddy feeding me?

wha'choo talkin'bout, willis?

Sometimes, Eden is waaay too serious. I mean really, babies shouldn’t be worried about the merits of compiled languages vs. interpreted languages.

separated at birth?

It’s the eyebrows, man.


  • Nemesis

    omg, her eyebrows are too funny!!! 🙂 i love eden! esp. in that second picture! hmmm… i thought she looked like elaine in the first set of photos, now with these i can’t tell as much… so happy for you guys! 🙂

  • Jen

    sooooo cute!! tell baby Auntie Jen’s gonna come and visit VERY soon…hopefully after a very busy wedding season… =P

  • lo.dan

    so ru saying she looks like Michael Keaton?

  • malfunction54

    @lo.dan – not michael keaton, BATMAN!!!! Ken and I suspect she’s galavanting around the hospital at night fighting crime.

  • Jessica

    “Baby Bat” will give Baby Phat a run for their money. Strike a pose!

  • Aunt Alice

    pretty please… 🙂

  • She will grow up to be Batgirl because she already has the expressions down pat! Awesome! She’s so cute, though; how could she menace the criminal underworld?!?!?! Sorry I had such a bad headache last night, I can’t wait to see her (and you guys) again!

  • Vivian

    Sorry, just seeing these now. Such cute expressions she has at such a young age!