some new code

A2C and I have been working on some new code, and we’re proud to present the results to you 🙂 Here’s what it looks like:

#include <iostream.h>
#include "flushTypes.h"
#include "Michaels.h"
#include "Wang.h"

public class baby: public Wang, private Michaels {


        baby *baby::baby(mother *, father *);
        void baby::cry(time_t time, int intensity);
        void baby::eat(time_t time);
        void baby::sleep(time_t time);
        void baby::play(time_t time);


        // This function returns true if the the diaper contains something
        boolean baby::diaperCheck();
        void baby::flush(bodilyFunction flushType);

void main(void) {

    mother *elaine;
    father *andy;
    baby *ourBaby;

    ourBaby = new(baby);

    Michaels::baby(mother, father);;;

Next, we compile the code:

$make install --SUNDAY baby

Then, we look at the results:

$ls -l
total 1
-rwxr-xr-- 1 malfunction54 michaels 19.25 13 May 15:30 EdenHopeMichaels

For those of you who can’t read the code, I’ve made a GUI that may be more intuitive for you…
a little hand

Born on May 13, 2007 (mother’s day), she weighs in at 7.00 lbs

a little foot

She is 19.25″ long

our baby!

We proudly introduce Miss Eden Hope Michaels!