maybe i’m not crazy… maybe

so over the last few weeks, I noticed that every once in a while, I hear a high-pitched ringing. I would ask a2c if she heard it, and of course she didn’t. I thought maybe I was losing my hearing or something. One night, I happened to notice it while we were watching TV. Again, I asked a2c if she heard it, but again, she gave me the “crazy” look.

So, then another time, I noticed it happened during a KFC commercial. I wasn’t sure, so I just made a mental note. This evening, I saw the same KFC commercial, and sure enough, I heard the tone again. Again, a2c shoots me the crazy.

Convinced I must be losing my mind, I google “kfc high-pitched tone”. And of course, like the reliable old friend it is, it returned many results, including this article

Apparently, KFC is trying a new advertising technique based on some study that found that there are certain frequencies that only teens can hear.

I’m no spring chicken, so why can I hear this?