Well, after a little over a year, the startup that I’m working for has decided to close the location at which I work. It’s been fun, it’s been real, but I can’t say I’ll miss it too terribly. The long hours were gruelling, and now it’s time for a break.

So, what’s next? Honeymoon. My last day is Sept 30, and we begin our honeymoon Oct 1. Pretty sweet, if you ask me.

BTW, getting laid off sucks. I’ve gone through the emotions about it, and feel a lot better about it now that I’ve gone through them. In the end, I know that I’ve been called to do something else, and for the last several months, I’ve been feeling more and more that I should not be here anyway. This is just speeding up the process. My next step is to do some web work and multimedia work for a small company that does such things. Also, I’m going to step up the game with the nonprofit that I’m a part of. The next year will be interesting indeed.

After the honeymoon, I’m taking some much needed rest. I haven’t had a real vacation in years, and it’s about time to regroup, gather my thoughts, focus on my future, er “our” future 🙂

Oh, also, we’re trying to move. That’s a load of fun in and of itself. Add that to the other stuff going on, and it’s a recipe for an ulcer. Ah, everything in its own time, everything in its own time. (I’m no where near getting an ulcer, really, I just have a penchant for the dramatic. I’m really about as un-stressed about the whole thing as I could possibly hope for)

Here’s to the end. The end of Chapter 2, and the beginning of chapter 3!