so, I’m reading slashdot, and a submitter’s name suddenly strikes a chord in my memory. I follow the link in the story, and find that we have the same alma mater. intrigued, I shot off an email trying to see if there is a connection.

Within an hour, I receive a reply. The person not only identifies me, but a few key words in the mail totally bring the memories of where we knew each other from rushing back. How cool is that?

When I was a shy nerd back in the junior high days, my parents forced encouraged me to “broaden my horizons” by going to summer camp. As it turns out, it was the best thing I did in my youth. I met lots of great people and had wonderful experiences.

So there’s a flurry of email exchanged, and it turns out that this person has also kept in touch with others from our camp days! Man, I hope we can all get together and catch up on the last several years soon!

Anyway, this really made my day 🙂