Addicted to Smallville

I was never a *huge* fan of Superman. I guess I always liked him, but the whole thing seemed too campy for my (yes, that _is_ possible). Anyway, since I hadn’t had TV in years, I missed the first whole season of Smallville without ever having seen it. So my friend, G$, lends me the entire season. I was hooked. I caught all the little references to the Superman mythos, and I loved the development of Lex. This was awesome!

Again, I let a long time, almost 2 years, pass until I reconnected. I was ill over the Thanksgiving holiday, and A2C shows up to cheer me up. She had in tow the first season on DVD. What a woman. Anyway, I managed to watch the entire first season in less than 24 hours (I had already spent 2 days playing Metroid Prime, so I needed a break). This was on a Sunday. The next day, she shows up and I tell her that I MUST get the other seasons on DVD. We make a run to Target and acquire the goods.

By Thursday, I had finished off the 3rd season, and had begun watching season 4 episodes. By Saturday night, I was all caught up. I am now anxiously awaiting the second half of the fourth season. I can’t wait

Sad? Yes. Addiction? Most definitely.