A2C 365

Wow! Yesterday marked one year since A2C and I have been together (that 0x016D days in hex, or 0000 0001 0110 1101 in binary). She’s the best! As a gift, she got me the LOTR trilogy on DVD. It’s the theatrical version in widescreen. She was bummed that it didn’t have all the extra footage, but honestly, I don’t really care that much. I like having what was in the theaters. Also, widescreen was my primary concern. The whole set is 6 discs in all! Whoa. I can’t wait to see what’s included in the exrtra features.

She also managed to find something I’ve been looking for for a long, long time. She found a Buttercup keychain! It’s so groovin’. AND, she also found a little Godzilla keychain as well. Man. What a woman 🙂

In all serialness, she’s the best thing that’s happened to me, and not merely because of the aforementioned things!

A2C… she pwnz0rz!