strange feeling

So, we finally got the development kit for the system I’m working on at work. Previously, I was coding in Windows. Now, since the compiler only runs on one machine (thanks to a stupid dongle), we have the compiler on the test box (a Windows PC), and run a VNC server.

The upside is now that the Win32-only compiler is isolated to one machine, we can access that machine via any platform that has a VNC client. Like, say, oh, I dunno, my PowerBook. Haha! It’s the weirdest thing seeing the Windows desktop on my PB. There are a few drawbacks however.

“Chicken of the VNC”, the VNC client I’m using, logs out the current user on the remote machine if you quit it. Odd. This isn’t a problem for our setup, though.

It’s really nice. I can use XCode, which is pretty handy, though I haven’t found all the features I need, or gvim on my Mac to edit the code via a samba share. I then run the DOS command line version of the compiler on the build/test machine, and away I go. *sigh* this is the life.