getting tired of /.

I started reading slashdot back in ’97. In those days, it was *the* source for tech news. Most of the articles posted were of a really techie nature, and the discussion threads almost always had some nice tidbits to pick up. These days, it’s pretty much flamewars and lame comments.

Feeling the need to better fuel my geek obsessions, I’ve been looking for new places to hang out and get my news. The first place that shows promise is Apparently it’s run by former /. readers and tries to keep the spirit of what /. used to be about. It is more literate, and the posts are fun again.

Then, this morning, my friend sends me a link to It’s exactly the sort of thing that appeals to me, and just what I needed at this point in my geekiness 🙂

Anyway, life with a little less /. should be good, right?