potty training

okay, this is a rant.
I really don’t understand why grown, seemingly intelligent people urinate all over the toilet seat and fail to clean up their own mess. Public areas I might understand, since there’s typically not a set group of people that frequent them. However, in a corporate setting, it is simply without explanation.

I mean, really! One spends a significant amount of time in the workplace. Do people only go to the bathroom once per day? Do they think that it’s going to be magically cleaned up for them before they have to go to the bathroom later in the day? Is there such a fear of contact with the toilet seat that it’s unthinkable to raise the seat? Have people not been taught how to wipe up their piss from the toilet seat? What gives?

If someone came to your house and peed all over your toilet seat and didn’t clean it up, you’d be really upset, right? So then why would otherwise intelligent people find it perfectly acceptable to make a mess of the bathroom that they visit probably as frequently as the one in their homes?

Okay, maybe it’s just one person spoiling it for everyone, but then why is it like this in almost every office I’ve ever been in?

What am I missing here?

Okay, got that off my chest. Better now.